Classroom guidance is a rich opportunity to meet with students on their level to discuss issues that concern them personally. As a faculty, we strive to role model appropriate social skills we want to instill in students through our daily interactions with one another. In classroom guidance I am better able to address specific topics as they pertain to  students currently in their academic, personal, and social-emotional domains of development.

Edmond Public Schools requires that counselors follow the guidelines provided in our Elementary Counselor’s Curriculum based on the Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS) criterion.

These cover three broad subject areas:
•Academic Development
•Career Development
•Personal/Social Development

I draw from varied research based resources to provide developmentally appropriate lessons for the purpose of enhancing each student’s personal development in those three areas. Typically I visit each classroom one time per month for a prescheduled lesson lasting approximately 30 minutes.  I am available to visit classrooms as needed when issues arise or to deflect potential problems.  Students are encouraged to problem-solve individually or in small groups with myself or Mrs. Stafford if  their initial independent efforts fail.  We require such visits be cleared with classroom teachers or duty person in the interest of child safety and accountability.

My experience as a mother of 4 adult children, three sons and a daughter, enhance my understanding of the complexities of the family system. I know families can be messy and are at times loud or quiet in potentially negative ways.  Family members are human and will make mistakes. Some mistakes unfortunately result in consequences each member must bear. Family members share connections that force each to conform (or not) to dynamics that shape personal perceptions and social interactions.  Within this school setting, each of us is evolving as an individual, shaped within a family, to learn as members of a community.

My goal is to provide support to students, parents, and teachers as we go about the business of evolving into our best selves.  I want to welcome your family into our Russell Dougherty family.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of your child’s educational experience!


Rhonda McCarley, M.Ed.,L.P.C.