The school’s technology goals are accomplished through networked computers in each classroom for individual student use at the point of need  and a computer lab to allow for large group use and instruction.  The integration of technology in the classrom is a part of daily activities.

A school counselor works with children needing individual counseling.  The counselor also coordinates all testing.  Classroom guidance sessions are conducted in all grade levels on a regular basis.  Mrs. Rhonda LaVail

An art teacher works with all 5th grade students once a week.  Emphasis is placed on visual art techniques, art appreciation and understanding.

A parent led art program, Imagination Express, showcases various artists through their life and art to students in Kindergarten through fifth grade.  Following a lesson students participate in a hands-on art activity. Mrs. Desiree Mathews

Elementary students in a library classroom

An enrichment program is provided for students who qualify as gifted.  A gifted/talented specialist serves identified students through a pull out program.  The specialist also helps the classroom teacher to provide enrichment activities for all students as part of a Schoolwide Enrichment Program. Mrs. Lynette Popham

Health class is approximately 30 minutes per week for grades one through four.  A variety of lessons and activities are directed toward the promotion of good health.

Mr. Doug Isaacs

A certified foreign language teacher provides Spanish instruction throughout the school year.  Mrs. Shelly Burge

Music classes meet for 60 minutes a week for grades one through five.  Emphasis is on general music skills as well as vocal music.  The fourth and fifth grade and the second and third grades traditionally showcase their skills during a vocal music program. Mrs. Janna O’Connor and Mrs. Meghan Tucker

Physical Education classes meet for 60 minutes per week for students in grades one through five.  Emphasis is placed on meeting individual goals, developing self-confidence, developing motor skills and displaying good sportsmanship.  The physical education program takes place in a positive atmostphere where all students are active regardless of their skill level. Mr. Doug Isaacs

A speech/language pathologist provides services to designated children through a referral from the teacher or parents. Ms. Tracy Johnson

Edmond Public Schools psychometrists provide testing services for students referred for specific needs.