1st Day Clap In

Please bring your child to the playground.  When the bell rings at 8:20, we would like the kindergarten parents to line up next to the ramp on the playground. To celebrate the first day of school, be sure to clap and give your child a “High 5” as they go up the ramp!


Please remember that “Short Goodbyes…Leave Dry Eyes!”



Upon arrival, cars form a waiting line along Boulevard.  Enter the loop at the front of the school. When you are next to the front door, your child may get out and come in to the cafeteria. You may also park and walk your child in to the cafeteria.  Students may arrive after 7:55 and at approximately 8:10, a teacher will take the students to the playground weather permitting.



Kindergarten students will be dismissed at 3:15 at the south door, along with any older siblings and daycare buses.  Children will receive a sign that displays their name. Please hang this in your car window so the teachers on duty will be able to read your child’s name.  Cars should line up along the south side of the building. BE SURE TO STAY IN YOUR CAR. The teachers on duty will bring your child to your car.



We will take a short break each day for a small snack.  Please send snacks daily! The snack should be something nutritional and in a sandwich/snack bag that is ready to eat.  Be sure to label the snack with your child’s name. Please be aware that we do have food allergies in Kindergarten so it will be important to advise your child not to share snacks/lunches. Snacks for the classroom need to be PEANUT-FREE. There is a peanut-free table in the lunchroom, so students may pack any nutritional item including peanut butter for lunchtime. If your child is planning on eating lunch in the cafeteria, be sure to visit the cafeteria on information day so you can add money to your child’s lunch account.


Family Picture

Please bring a family picture on information day, or the first week of school.  We will be using the pictures to connect home and school. The picture needs to be no larger than a 4×6 size photo.


School Supplies:

Bring on Information Day!


20 Elmer’s glue sticks

12-#2 (sharpened) pencils

4-24-count box of Crayola crayons

2-8 count box of Crayola Classic Color washable markers

2 dry erase markers, chisel tip

1 watercolor paint set, 8 color

1 Scissor, 5: blunt tip

1-3-ring binder, 1” round ring view

1 box of kleenex