Accelerated Reader is most often called AR by students and teachers.  It is a program that helps students with reading comprehension.  Students choose a book that is on their AR level, read the book, then take a computer generated test over the story.

We have recently converted from the desktop version of AR (Accelerated Reader) to the online version which is managed through Renaissance Place.  Students now have access to any title that has an AR quiz even if we don’t have the book in our school Library Media collection.

Parents can also view their students progress and sign-up for email notification when a test is taken through the Home Connect component of the program.

Students and parents can look to see if a book you own or have checked out from the school or public library has an AR quiz available by using the AR Book Finder component.  You can also create a Bookbag of titles to select from by searching by a specific  AR level.

Click on the Renaissance Home Connect icon to view your child’s Accelerated Reader progress and sign-up for email notification.  You must have your child’s login information.  You can also access AR Book Finder.

Click on the AR Book Finder icon to search for AR books by a variety of criteria such as title, author, level, subject.