Commonly Asked Questions about Russell Dougherty:

What is a “Parent Choice School”?
No residential boundaries are assigned to our school.  Any family living in the Edmond Public School District may submit an application for their children to attend Russell Dougherty Elementary.  We have a lottery every February for open positions and maintain a wait list throughout the year.

I live outside of the Edmond School district.  Can my children attend Russell Dougherty Elementary?
No.  You must live within the Edmond Public School district.

What makes Russell Dougherty different from other schools?
Russell Dougherty is an A+ School which means we strive to address all of the types of intelligences in our classrooms and to incorporate the arts.  We achieved Blue Ribbon status in 2004.  Parents support our school through volunteer hours and an active PTO.  High expectations for students have helped us earn an “A” on our School Report Card from the Oklahoma Department of Education.

How does the lottery system work?
The lottery is a random drawing of applications.  It takes place at the Edmond Public Schools Administrative Center under the supervision of the Director of Elementary Education.  It is recorded for any future reference needs.  Each application is assigned a number as it is drawn.  The lowest numbers are assigned the available spaces at Russell Dougherty.  Remaining applications are placed on a waiting list according to their assigned numbers, lowest numbers first.

Do children of Edmond Public Schools employees get preference?
The Edmond school district decided from the 2003-2004 school year forward that the only children of Edmond Public Schools employees that get preference are those of Russell Dougherty teachers.

Can I increase my chances if I get my application in early?
No.  No preference is given to the order applications are received.

When can I fill out an application for the lottery?
Applications are usually taken the last week of January and the first week of February.  Call in early January or check this website to be sure.

I missed the lottery.  Can I still get on the waiting list?
Yes. Just come to the office and fill out the application.

What do I bring with me when I fill out a lottery application?
Nothing.  You’ll just fill out a short application.

What happens if my child doesn’t get placed?
Your child will be placed on our waiting list.  You will be notified if your child’s name comes up.

How long does my application stay on the wait list?
Applications stay on the waiting list until the next year’s lottery.

Does the waiting list carry over to the next school year?
No.  Serious consideration was given to that at one time.  However, it was determined to be a logistical impossibility and would penalize families who are new to Edmond.

Once my child is in Russell Dougherty, do I have to reapply every year?
No.  They automatically have placement through 5th grade.

What if only one of my children gets in?
Siblings of children placed  and enrolled at Russell Dougherty are given priority status for their respective grade.

Does Russell Dougherty have bus service?

My older child is already attending Russell Dougherty.  When his younger sibling starts kindergarten, will he/she have to go through the lottery?
If you currently have a child in kindergarten-4th grade, then your child coming into kindergarten is given priority status and you do not have to be a part of the lottery.

My older children attended Russell Dougherty and their younger sibling is ready to start kindergarten.  Will he/she still have preference even though his/her siblings are no longer at Russell Dougherty?

I attended Russell Dougherty.  Will my child have to go through the lottery?

Does Russell Dougherty have before and after school care?

Does Russell Dougherty have an Enrichment program?

Does Russell Dougherty have a Learning Disabilities Lab?

Does Russell Dougherty have a Pre-K program?

My child goes to First Christian Church Child Care Pre-K.  Does that mean he/she is automatically accepted at Russell Dougherty.