Specials Staff

We are fortunate at RD to have the most awesome specials teachers!

Ms. Jazmin Carvajal– Computer Science – Jazmin.Carvajal@edmondschools.net

Mr. Doug Isaacs – PE – doug.isaacs@edmondschools.net

Mrs. Janna O’Connor – Music – janna.oconnor@edmondschools.net

Mrs. Jessica Harraman – Core Knowledge – jessica.harraman@edmondschools.net

TBA - Art -

and our Librarian and Counselor also teach lessons!

Mrs. Susan Contreras – Librarian / Media and Circulation – susan.contreras@edmondschools.net

Mrs. Stacey Shaffer – Counselor / Mascot Time – stacey.shaffer@edmondschools.net

Mrs O'Connor

I’m Mrs. O’Connor, the music teacher here at RD and also at Clegern. I am thrilled to share my love of instruments, singing, and classical music with your beautiful children. We love music games like Music Yahtzee, Orchestra Four Corners, and Beach Ball Quarter Note.

This will be my 35th year teaching singing and piano. I hold a BME from OU and a MME from UCO.

My husband and I enjoy playing with our labs and taking them out to the lake. One unusual thing about me is that I “goose chase” during the summer to rid golf courses of their geese